Curious who threw the first catfish on Predators ice? Meet Bob Wolf

Bob Wolf (Photo: WKRN)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – It’s safe to say there will be a catfish on the ice Saturday during the Predators first home game of the Stanley Cup Final.

Even Metro police are weighing in, who say there’s no law here in Smashville that mentions catfish as an “instrument of crime.” They have no intentions of arresting anyone.

The owner of Little’s Fish Market in Germantown is even offering a free whole catfish to anyone who shows them a ticket to Game 3 or 4.

Chris Little said it’s in response to the market in Pittsburgh refusing to sell catfish to Predators fans.

“We sell a lot of catfish but normally not with the head and skin on, but since the Predators made the playoffs, we’ve had to bring some in,” he told News 2.

While News 2 dug into the catfish tradition, we found the man who says he threw the very first one back in 1999.

Bob Wolf, a former Nashville business owner, says he started it all. He owned Wolfy’s, where half of Rippey’s now sits, on Broadway.

He said it all began in that bar with a little club they called “Wolfy’s Predators Brew Crew.”

In 1999, Nashville was playing against Detroit and they wanted to throw something in response to the octopus.

Wolf told News 2 they were sitting around a bottle of Jack, brainstorming when the idea came to fruition.

“What was indigenous to Tennessee? So we thought about guitar picks. We thought about, you know, a little this, that, biscuits… and then we looked at the table and saw the Jack Daniel’s bottle, and we just laughed and thought, ‘That’s not going to happen,’” he explained to News 2.

“So I got up from the table and I went outside and kind of went out towards, you know, Broadway, and the awning that I used to have, and I looked down to the right and there was the river, and I went, ‘Oh my god. The river. Catfish.’”

Wolf says five or six of his friends were placed in seats around the stadium one night who all took off running to deter security after he threw the first fish.

Since then, he says he has thrown about 15 and even has the jersey with blood stains to prove it.