Sen. Mark Green unapologetic about national criticism, hints at future plans

Mark Green (Photo: WKRN)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Tennessee State Senator Mark Green said a bit more Thursday about his future political plans, but he said a lot more about why he withdrew his name for a key post in the Trump Administration.

Green, who has also been a soldier, doctor, and businessman, says his nomination for Secretary of the Army was derailed by what he’s called “strategic lies” and now one democratic U.S. Senator.

“I now have some insight into the swamp, and it’s pissed me off,” he told News 2.

(Photo: WKRN)

Green says his anger about his recent Washington experience is “the only struggle” he has about re-entering the governor’s race, but he was asked if that was a hint he wanted to go back to Washington to do something about it.

“We are making a very difficult decision about where to go, and there are lots of places I could go and make a difference,” added Green while nodding his head. “We will have an announcement possibly by tomorrow or early next week.”

While not saying much more about future plans, the past few months still burn the Montgomery County lawmaker.

When he withdrew his name for Secretary of the Army last month, Green blamed what he called “strategic lies by the left” on a variety of topics, such as refugees or transgender issues, but the senator also now says he was told an unnamed democratic senator used little known procedural rule to stall his nomination.

Green said Trump administration officials came to him saying, “They have this procedure in the U.S. Senate where even anonymously, a U.S. Senator can put a block on a nominee.”

The West Point grad turned doctor says he withdrew his name for Secretary of Army rather than let his nomination languish for months.

“If the soldiers are left with no leadership, I am not going to put myself in front of the soldiers,” added Green.

(Courtesy: Mark Green)

On many other criticisms brought up after being nominated by President Trump, Green was not backing down on such things as saying in a video clip obtained by CNN that “if you poll psychiatrists, they are going to tell you transgender is a disease.”

From his Tennessee Capitol Hill office Thursday, he cited various medical insurance codes that he says indicate “transgender” as a “disorder,” to which he added “so very clearly its a disorder. My statement is true.”

And he chuckled that media “got it right” about his views on evolution by saying, “So I am an unapologetic creationist. I can base it on science, not just a religious text.”

Many observers had said those views may play better politically in Tennessee than in some parts of the country, which would bode Green well as he considers his future.

Senator Green added that he had “no idea” his Secretary of the Army nomination would become as controversial as it did.