Metro police take 9 guns off street in one day

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Metro police say they have taken a total of nine guns off the street in one day.

According to police, six were taken by officers with the North Precinct and three others were collected by the gang unit during different scenarios.

Two guns were taken during a traffic stop while officers were responding to a shots fired call.

Police said the driver admitted to firing the shots and the gun actually turned out to be stolen. His 17-year-old passenger also had a gun.

So far, Metro police has taken 920 guns off the streets this year, which is about six guns a day.

“You never know out of that 920 guns, how many lives have we saved, how fewer people have been shot, how many people did not get a gun pointed at them during a road rage incident,” said Commander Terrance Graves.

Commander Graves added the department wants the public to know officers are working to keep everyone safe and get criminals off the street, and a lot of times, that happens during traffic stops.