Firestone has been making Indy 500 tires for over 100 years

(Photo: WKRN)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – You may be making the trek to Indiana this weekend for the annual Indianapolis 500 where the world’s top auto racers and hundreds of thousands of people will gather on Sunday.

Firestone brand tires are of the official tires of the Indy 500, a brand under the Bridgestone umbrella.

They’ve been supporting Indy cars for more than 100 years, even since the first official race in 1911.

“We make the Firestone tires for all the cars that will run in the race,” said Philip Dobbs, Bridgestone’s Chief Marketing Officer.

“We will use over 5,000 tires throughout the course of the weekend,” he added.

Bridgestone reps say they spend an entire year preparing for each race, working on tire patterns and more.

“If it happens to be wet, you would need a different tire. If it happens to be a little more hot than normal, you would need a different tire. The tires that are on the inside of the track versus the outside of the car are different,” explained Dobbs.

The tires wouldn’t do well on everyday cars, but there is a Firestone passenger tire line that includes a Firehawk Indy 500 high-performance tire.

“There are a lot of performance cars on the road and there are different tire clubs, so we have performance tires that carry the Firehawk name and the Indy 500 name,” Dobbs told News 2.

You can ask for those at one of the more than 30 Firestone Complete Auto Care stores in the Nashville area.