Metro authorities seek leads in 7-year-old murder case

Metro police are still looking for for who killed Brandon Harris (L) seven years his death (Photo: WKRN)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – It was February 2010 that Brandon Howard was shot outside his home. He was only 19, and no arrests have been made.

Authorities said there may have been as many as ten suspects involved.

Along quiet Clifton Avenue, the silence has been deafening for seven years.

“Everyone knows what happened,” noted Howard’s sister, Chiquita Hall. “But no one will talk to the police about what happened.”

What happened to her 19-year-old brother remains top of mind.

Authorities stated Brandon met with three acquaintances, who were in a car in front of his Clifton Ave. home, when a second car approached.

“A vehicle pulled up, stopped at the end of the driveway,” explained Detective Steven Jolley, with Metro Police. “(Someone from within) pulled out a handgun and pointed it at the victim.”

Shots were fired as Brandon took off running around his home, when a third car approached with a passenger armed with a rifle.

Metro police are still looking for for who killed Brandon Harris (L) seven years his death (Photo: WKRN)

“He was hit one time in the back, and the bullet actually went through his body,” said Det. Jolley. “His mother and father were in the residence, and when they heard the shots they looked.”

Chiquita was on the phone with her mother when Brandon collapsed.

“I just hear my mom screaming, and she hung up the phone,” explained Hall.

Brandon would pass a short time later, leaving behind a soon to be splintered family, and a one-year-old son.

“Life hasn’t been the same since he left,” said Hall. “Everyone went their own separate way.”

His son, Brandon Howard Jr., now a third grader, only knows Brandon Sr. through pictures.

“I’m sad about that still,” said Howard. “But I just keep my life moving and don’t think about it.”

For seven years, Detective Jolley has worked.

He tells News 2 there are two persons of interest in the case. One is already incarcerated on unrelated charges.

The second person, Lazarus Payton, is a fugitive from unrelated cases. He currently has several active warrants including aggravated assault, and attempted homicide.

“I think there are some people that have information on this case,” said Det. Jolley.

Chiquita prays those people will finally come forward.

“I ask you to please say something, please come forward,” said Hall. “It’s been seven long painful years. Nothing will bring him back, but it will give us some closure to know the person, or persons who done it are locked away.”