Relief still not in sight nearly week after Sumner County flooding

Photo: WKRN

SUMNER COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – Nearly a week after several residents lost their homes due to severe flooding in Sumner County, relief is still not in sight.

Six inches of rain fell in just a few hours throughout the county, causing major problems for homeowners and motorists. Several school buses also became trapped in the floodwater and many homes were either damaged or destroyed.

Even though they won’t qualify for state or federal assistance, the county’s emergency management agency is asking for victims to come forward.

“The Small Business Administration will give homeowners low interest loans,” explained Sumner County EMA Director Ken Weidner. “But, along with that, there’s some other opportunities that come with some different sources that have some small grants and things like that. We would love it if we could get individual assistance.”

He continued, “If we could get declared and get individual assistance, which is the best things for our citizens, but we don’t have enough damage county-wide, and then state-wide to make those numbers.”

PHOTOS: Flooding in Sumner County

James Scott is among those residents whose homes were flooded.

He told News 2 he is currently staying in a pole barn.

“It’s a pole barn, built on telephone poles,” he explained.

While he doesn’t have all the luxuries of his home, he said he and his dogs are making do with what they have.

“I have electricity. I have a wood burning stove, but I can’t use it. I don’t have [any] cooling,” he said. “People have helped me. People have been very nice. The Red Cross has been very nice.”

Scott said his dogs, which are with him at the barn, are very important to him and have kept him warm at night. He said during the flooding he had to put his pups on the roof of the house to keep them safe.

“I want to say think you to the spay and neuter place – they’ve helped me greatly with my animals,” he said.

Anyone in need of assistance can call the Sumner County EMA at 615-452-7584. Calls are asked to leave a message.