New technology can remind drivers not to leave kids in hot cars

Cars in parking lot
(Photo: WKRN)

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – It’s heartbreaking to hear about children who die after they are accidentally left in a hot car and there are now many high-tech gadgets on the market that were created to prevent such tragedies.

In Tampa, two fathers created “SenseALife” after they saw several news reports about children dying in hot cars.

The device, a sensor, can be attached to any vehicle and takes about 30 seconds to install.

If the driver’s door of a vehicle is opened and a child is left in his or her car seat, a loud voice activates saying, “Occupant detected in seat. Please remove child from seat.”

SensaALife is expected to become available to consumers soon. Learn more here. 

The 2017 GMC Acadia and the Buick LaCrosse also offer a “Rear Seat Reminder” safety feature.

The reminder is an audio and visual alert on the dash, which tells drivers to check the rear seat. The safety feature is activated when you turn the vehicle off, but you must have opened the rear door within 10 minutes of starting the vehicle. It is designed to remind someone to check the back seat for anything, including valuables, pets or a child. Learn more here. 

Evenflo has created a car seat called Embrace that has SensorSafe technology. When you turn off your car, a series of tones will chime to remind parents and caregivers that a child is in the car seat. Learn more here. 

The GPS app Waze has come up with a way to help prevent the heat deaths of children and pets with a new safety feature. It’s called the Child Reminder Alert.

The alert will remind you to check the car before you leave when it thinks you’re done with your trip. The alerts can be updated and turned on and off at any time and you can also customize the messaging for your reminders. Learn more about WAZE here.