Kayaker takes to Sumner County creek hours after flash flooding

Todd Polk (Photo: WKRN)

SUMNER COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – One man’s flash flooding is another’s obstacle course.

Todd Polk heard about the high water in Station Camp Creek in Sumner County and left work as soon as he could.

He likes to kayak the creek after a heavy rainfall when the water levels are high.

“It’s got to be high to go kayaking, or you’re scraping the bottom the whole time,” said Polk. “Unfortunately, we don’t have snow melt down here in Tennessee. So we gotta wait for rainfall. It’s our best option.”

Just a mile downstream was proof of how powerful floodwater can be. Hours earlier, the rushing water ripped up the asphalt approach to a bridge over the creek.

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That’s good enough reason for kayakers like Polk to wait until floodwater recedes before taking to the water.

“When the water was up here, it’s probably not a good idea to do that,” Polk said. “You don’t ever want to do it in the flash flood, because you have debris floating down the river. And you don’t want to get pinned to something.”