East Nashville neighbors want something done about dangerous road

(Courtesy: Mary Boyde)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Neighbors are banding together and calling for change on a deadly east Nashville road.

Saunders Avenue near Inglewood is beloved by many, but the trek home can be treacherous to say the least.

“It’s like an interstate,” explained Gayle Crawford. “Not every car, but the majority of the cars.”

Gayle has lived near Saunders for quite a while.

“Over the 52 years I’ve lived here,” she said, “they get on Saunders, and it’s like a wide open road.”

Down the street, Brian Holwerda is fairly new on the block. He moved to the area just over a year ago. When asked how often he spots speeders, his answer is just the same.

“Oh, every day,” he responded. “Every day.”

Every day it creates chaos for those on the road, whether it be bikes, cars, children, or canines.

During our interview with Holwerda, an unleashed German Sheppard would fall victim to fast moving traffic while darting across the street.

Thankfully, the dog seemed to bounce back and was quickly taken home.

“Believe the dog’s OK,” noted Holwerda. “We’re gonna check on him but, that’s upsetting.”

Wednesday’s wreck was thankfully on the minor side. A wreck last week, though, was certainly one of more major.

(Courtesy: Mary Boyde)

“]Driver] veered off the road and hit this tree right here,” said Holwerda. “The truck was just pancaked in. He ultimately passed away later that evening, which is a terrible tragedy.”

Along the three mile stretch of road, Metro police reports show 90 vehicle accident calls in just over two years.

Councilwoman Nancy VanReece is requesting remedies, such as an increase in road striping, more stop signs, and other options through Metro Public Works.

For Crawford, change can’t come soon enough with the threat of another accident just around the bend.

“If you were to stick your foot right out there, I guarantee you would be run over,” said Crawford. “Another tragedy’s gonna happen,”

Saunders Avenue is one of many Nashville roads in line for sidewalk construction, though a time frame for construction is not known.