Dirt bike prank at East Hickman High keeps 2 from walking at graduation

Daniel Myers and Lenny Watts (Photo: WKRN)

HICKMAN COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – Some students and parents are upset about the punishment for a senior prank in Hickman County.

Two seniors rode their dirt bikes through the halls of East Hickman High School on Wednesday, and they weren’t allowed to walk today at graduation because of it.

Parents told News 2 the punishment started with a two-day suspension until they were told late Friday afternoon their kids couldn’t walk at Saturday’s graduation.

It was a moment Lenny Watts and Daniel Myers worked for twelve years to achieve. News 2 spoke with their parents Saturday.


“They’ve taken away something that can never be replaced from these boys,” Darin Watts said.

“You know, to get them to this point and then let something like this right here determine all 12 years… You know, it’s sad,” said Keith Myers.

The students reportedly rode their dirt bikes through the back door of the main office at East Hickman High, continuing down the hall where students lined up and made a path.

It’s a prank the families claim employees of the school knew was going to happen.

“The problem was I feel like the school pretty well knew what was going to happen, to a certain extent, and just didn’t take the steps to stop it,” Darin Watts said.

And at first, the two boys were just going to be suspended for two days.


“We were told they were suspended for two days, which would have been Thursday and Friday, so we went this morning,” Keith Myers said.

But then they were told they couldn’t walk at graduation, so the seniors put on their caps and gowns and went to attend the ceremony to sit with the crowd.

However, they say officers escorted them out and told them they had to leave.

“They were asked to leave, so we left,” said Keith Myers. “They were not allowed to watch their fellow students that they went to school with all of their life graduate, so it was a sad situation. It could have been handled a whole lot better by the school.”

Both parents say they don’t condone the prank, but they do believe the punishment wasn’t handled fairly.

They also told News 2 they think the bigger concern should be security at the school after kids were able to pull off riding dirt bikes through the halls.

News 2 reached out to East Hickman High’s principal for comment but has yet to hear back.