Hendersonville police see uptick in number of false reports

(Mugs: Hendersonville Police Department)

HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – From attempted rape to home invasions, there have been several false reports made to the Hendersonville police department recently.

Six people have been arrested in just the past few weeks for filing false reports.

“There have been an unusual number of false reports recently. All ranging from insurance fraud, car crashes… I had one that was supposedly a rape,” Sergeant Jim Vaughn told News 2.

Vaughn said the department takes all crimes seriously.

“Once you get a call of a violent crime like that you have to respond,” he explained.

Sgt. Jim Vaughn (Photo: WKRN)

The more violent the crime, the more resources needed.

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“If we respond to a rape you are going to have to have medical attention there, you are going to have personnel there.”

Sgt. Vaughn says some reports take hundreds of hours and can cost the city thousands of dollars.

“You know we get paid with tax payer’s dollars and you know we’re talking thousands and thousands of dollars of resources,” he said.

He added the motives can range from covering up an affair to hiding a drug deal gone wrong.

“I’ve had some very bizarre ones in the past,” Vaughn said.

He said it’s not uncommon for someone to injure themselves to match their story, from blacking their own eye to burning themselves with cigarettes.

“False reporting is a felony and they can be charged with some serious jail time,” Vaughn explained.

Vaughn said in the end, the evidence will tell the truth and that he is fortunate to work with some talented investigators who are cracking these cases.

He said he also hopes the false reports doesn’t deter anyone from reporting crime when it does happen.