VIDEO: Driver speeds past Ashland City chief, crashes down ravine

(Courtesy: Ashland City Police Department)

ASHLAND CITY, Tenn. (WKRN) – A mid-state police chief was nearly run off the road by a driver going close to 100 mph, and now that driver is wanted by police after almost causing a head-on collision.

Ashland City Police Chief Marc Coulon was heading home for the night last Thursday, driving 53 mph on Highway 12 North, when a white car blew past him.

Coulon, who does not drive a marked police car, was sure he was about to witness something awful. Watch the video above this story.

“I knew there was going to be a lot of people killed,” he said of his thoughts in that moment.

The chief’s onboard camera caught everything on tape. The white car is seen flying by him, crossing the double yellow line at a very high speed.

“When I first saw him was when he was passing me,” Coulon said, adding, “I figured it was going to be a head-on collision. A major head-on collision.”

The driver is seen speeding toward an oncoming car. Somehow, the two vehicles avoid a crash by inches—but the white car did clip the side of a pickup truck driving in the same direction.

The white car then loses control, flying off the road and off a small cliff. It rolls several times.

“Whole car was demolished,” Chief Coulon told News 2.

The car blew through the guardrail and landed some 25 to 30 feet down the embankment.

Amazingly, nobody was injured – but the chief says they are still searching for the driver, who ran away from the crash.

The case is being investigated by the Tennessee Highway Patrol, which told News 2 they do know the identity of the driver. Charges have yet to be filed.

A passenger inside the white car remained on the scene, stunned but injured. The pickup truck the driver hit suffered minor damage.