Video shows Illinois bus aide hitting child with autism

(Courtesy: WCMH)

NEW LENOX, Ill. (WCMH) — The parents of a 6-year-old child with autism are demanding answers after a video showed a school bus aide hitting the child.

The video shows the aid striking Kayle Rushing, who is nonverbal, across her face twice. Her parents found out about the incident after the superintendent of New Lenox School District 122 called them.

My blood boils. I think about it and it just makes me mad. She shouldn’t have to go through that,” said Kayle’s father Nicholas Rushing. “She’s nonverbal, she can’t come back and be like, ‘Dad, this lady hit me, not just once, she hit me twice.’”

“It just makes me want to cry to be honest with you,” Kayle’s mother Madeline Norley told WLS. “She was just acting weird for the next couple days. It definitely had an impact.”

The superintendent gave Kayle’s parents the video early this week. On Friday, the superintendent stressed that the aide was not an employee of the district, but rather works for the bus contractor, Lincoln Way Special Education District 843.

A spokeswoman for Lincoln Way Special Education District declined to comment on the incident.

“I cannot provide a specific comment at this time. There is an on-going investigation of an incident that allegedly occurred on a student school bus,” Sarah Rexroad, executive director of Lincoln Way Special Education District 843, said.

Kayle’s parents say bus aides should be trained on how to interact with special needs children.

“When she’s having that meltdown, she needs that space,” Nicholas said. “She needs that space and be able to mellow it out herself. And she does it.”

Police are still reviewing the video and interviewing those involved. Charges have yet to be filed.