Church leaders give Bibles to Goodlettsville first responders

Photo: WKRN

GOODLETTSVILLE, Tenn. – Firefighters and police officers are getting a small but powerful token of appreciation for risking their lives every day.

“We just simply want to say thank you for protecting our community,” said Pastor Joe Marlar.

Marlar and six other faith-based leaders are using their power of prayer to keep first responders safe in Goodlettsville.

“Putting their life on the line and providing peace and safety to our community, so we think it is important to honor them,” he said.

This week, seven organizations are delivering close to 75 pocket-size Bibles to first responders as a sign of appreciation for all they do.

Photo: WKRN

“We wanted to make sure that every policeman and every fireman gets a Bible with their name on it so it is something they can take with them,” Marlar explained.

Some of those Bibles were given to firefighters on shift after city and church leaders came together for National Day of Prayer at City Hall.

The Goodlettsville Fire Chief told News 2 that he knows his crews are lucky to have a supportive community.

“The citizens are looking out for the public servants every day,” said Fire Chief Kenneth Reeves.

The churches are imprinting the Bibles first and Pastor Marlar says firefighters can use them as a reminder someone is praying for their safety.

“It’s critical for communities to come together to support our firemen and support our policemen,” said Marlar.

Reeves said firefighters know the dangers when they leave the firehouse but having a community on their side makes doing a tough job a little easier.

“They get a real boost; they get strength from being acknowledged every now and then,” said Reeves.