Cheatham County girl who was denied prom now allowed to attend

(Courtesy: The Bugg family)

CHEATHAM COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Cheatham County teenager who was told she would not be allowed to attend her prom says that decision has been reversed.

Ashley “Bugg” Hamblin, who uses a wheelchair and was homebound from school for part of the school year, was devastated when the district originally told her she was not allowed to go to prom.

The Cheatham County School District said in a statement last week that the top priority is to ensure safety for all students.

The statement says students who participate in the district’s Homebound Program are provided with the policies and guidelines at the beginning of the enrollment process.

(Courtesy: The Bugg family)

The statement continued, “For example, one of the guidelines states, ‘The doctor recommends homebound services for a student who is unable to attend school due to serious illness or injury. Therefore, the student placed on homebound should not return to his/her school, or any other Cheatham County School for any reason, including extracurricular activities (i.e. ballgames/sporting events, proms, banquets, dances, etc.). No homebound student can visit any Cheatham County School to socialize with their friends. Attendance at such activities without prior consent may result in the student’s removal from the Homebound Program.'”

That decision was then reversed this week.

District spokesman Tim Adkins said in a new statement that the Cheatham County School District worked with the family to ensure proper Homebound Program procedures were followed.

“The family was notified of the procedures and the Homebound Review Committee approved the student’s request to attend the Cheatham County Central High School prom,” the statement said.

Hamblin told News 2 she’s overjoyed to get to participate in prom with her friends.

“My friends were freaking out, texting me,” Hamblin said. “We were all very happy about it.

She also wanted to thank her friends and peers for all the words of support during the process.