Body cam shows officer face to face with gunman in Gallatin hospital

Courtesy: Gallatin Police Department

Raw body cam footage is at the top of this story; Andy Cordan’s news story is below. Click here to see both from the News 2 app.

SUMNER COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – After arriving first to the scene, a Gallatin police officer’s body cam video shows him coming face to face with a gunman inside a hospital Wednesday evening.

The call initially went out as an active shooter at Sumner Regional Medical Center around 5 p.m.

Police said Terry Christensen somehow got inside the hospital through a door in the emergency room that is normally locked.

Once inside, police say he produced a .9 mm handgun, pointed it at unarmed security guards near the nurse’s station and demanded drugs.

Terry Christensen (Courtesy: Sumner County Sheriff’s Office)

“I think going through my mind [was], ‘I hope I don’t get that call that he is shooting people’ because one of the first calls we got was he was pointing the gun at security guards and nurses and I know the hospital was full,” Sgt. Tim Anschuetz said.

Patrolman Jared Roach was the first officer on the scene. News 2 has obtained the body came that shows Officer Roach arriving and entering the hospital.

“I saw a lady being carried away, she had an ankle injury trying to get away from the suspect,” he said.

The footage is shaky as the 25-year-old officer extends his weapon and goes racing down the hospital halls into the unknown.

“I started clearing the ER,” he said.

Suddenly, Roach is face-to-face with Christensen who is still armed and unpredictable.

“I observed the suspect at the end of the hallway with a pistol in his hand down by his waist,” he recalled. “I approached him and ordered him to drop the weapon and get on the ground and he complied with my instructions. He dropped the weapon and laid down on his stomach.”

The video shows Christensen discarding his gun when he gives up.

Courtesy: Gallatin Police Department

“It’s a moment that happens quickly and feels like a lifetime,” Officer Roach said.

Body cam shows officers clutching assault rifles and placing the handcuffs on Christensen, as well as the sergeant removing two large knives from his pocket.

“This went as well as it could,” Anschuetz said. “Nobody was hurt, shot, no standoff, or hostage situation. We are thanking God for that.”

According to the Gallatin officers on the scene, Christensen allegedly asked the cops to shoot him.

He faces multiple counts of aggravated assault and remains jailed in Sumner County.

The hospital released a statement Thursday that read, in part, “This is a terrible situation, and we are saddened, just like the rest of the community that this happened. We appreciate the quick and effective response by our staff and local law enforcement who kept everyone safe.”