Now back in custody, Maury County inmate says escape wasn’t worth it

Tommy Dixon (Courtesy: Maury County Sheriff's Department)

MAURY COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – Two prisoners who either walked away from a jail work crew or left a court mandated rehab facility are back behind bars in Maury County. Both men now have additional escape charges added to their sentences.

On April 13, Tommy Dixon walked away from a Maury County work crew. News 2 spoke with him from jail on Wednesday, and he said he didn’t like the way supervisors treated him.

He also said he was cutting down trees on people’s property and when citizen’s complained, he says supervisors blamed the prisoners.

“Just that day, I had enough,” Dixon told News 2.

Dixon said the minute he ran, he felt the law on his heels.

“Kind of scary, got confused. Didn’t know exactly where I was at,” he said.

Dixon claims he walked along Interstate 65 all the way to Nashville wearing the very prison clothes he escaped in.

“It took me three days to get to Nashville,” he said. “I had cops up the interstate at a high rate of speed, but they didn’t really pay much attention.”

The man convicted of aggravated burglary said he stayed at a homeless shelter working odd jobs until two officers spotted him and took him back into custody Tuesday.

Dixon said it wasn’t worth the extra time he will get for his escape.

“No sir, wasn’t really worth it,” he said.

Bryant Costonis is also back behind bars. The Maury County man was charged with a number of crimes, including aggravated domestic assault. While being housed at the Lewis County jail, the TDOC inmate was furloughed to the Place of Hope rehab facility in Columbia.

Costonis told News 2 he got in trouble and was forced to leave the facility.

“I got kicked out for talking to a female there. For fraternizing,” he said.

He said he planned to turn himself in, but was unclear which agency to notify.

He added he never even considered notifying Maury County because he was being housed for the TDOC in Lewis County.

He said when an escape warrant was issued for him he got scared.

“I was getting worried, especially after the news story,” Costonis told News 2. “I was getting really worried.”

The 22-year-old said he spent time with his mother and was landscaping in Williamson County when he turned himself in.

Last week, News 2 spoke to the Maury County District Attorney about people who walk away from furlough assignments.

“These people are going to rehab and walking off from these programs and nobody is notifying the court or the sheriff’s department,” DA Brent Cooper said.

Costonis agreed that changes needed to be made.

“Definitely see how it needs to be looked into a little better,” he said. “If I am on furlough and courts need to know what is going on with my treatment I have no problem with that all.”

Robert Smith still remains missing after he walked away from the same Columbia rehab center.

Anyone with information on his whereabouts should call the Maury County Sheriff’s Department at 931-380-5733.