Mother of 15-year-old Nashville shooting suspect reaches out to state lawmaker

Rep. Ron Travis of Rhea County (Photo: WKRN)

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The mother of 15-year-old homicide suspect Trinity Quinn reached out to a state lawmaker Tuesday just hours before the woman’s daughter and a 28-year-old Daniel Clark were charged in the shooting death of a Nashville store clerk.

“Yesterday afternoon the mother of Trinity called me and asked me if there is anything I could do to help find her daughter,” said Rep. Ron Travis of Rhea County.

Before the lawmaker could even look into it, the Rhea County teenager was linked to the shooting death of 58-year-old John Stevens who was working at a West Nashville Exxon.

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From his Capitol Hill office just a few miles from the murder scene, and more than 150 miles from the home county of the teenage suspect’s family he knows, Rep.Travis spoke of the tragedy that has touched his community.

“I have known the family for a long time,” he told News 2. “I can’t even imagine the hurt they are going through right. Everybody. Every family member I just can’t imagine the hurt.

This comes on a day when there was supposed to be only celebration in the area after word that a Finnish tire company was coming with 400 jobs to Rhea County which has had one of Tennessee’s highest unemployment rates.

“You see this in the news in other counties and and cities and you just never think it comes to your county… and it has,” the lawmaker with his voice trailing.

He ended by offering prayers for the family of the shooting suspect he knows and prayers for the family of the victim he has never met.

“Nothing good can come from this,” he added sadly. “We can only offer our prayers.”