Clarksville police help mother keep ‘Little Houdini’ from escaping again

(Courtesy: Clarksville Police Department)

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A situation that could’ve been bad became quite a heart-warming story out of Clarksville.

Officers were called to a home on Maddox Circle around 10:20 a.m. Wednesday after a neighbor found a 2-year-old who had gotten out of the house.

The neighbor said they went to the mother’s home but there was no answer at the door.

When police arrived, the single mother said she had been working and fell asleep, explaining she took precautions to double-lock the door. The 2-year-old, who authorities have dubbed “Little Houdini,” still figured out how to unlock it.

The police department says instead of simply returning the child or taking legal action, the officers spend their own money on child-safe doorknob covers.

The knobs were then tested by the officers, mother, and Little Houdini—who couldn’t open the door even though the adults could.

(Courtesy: Clarksville Police Department)