50 lbs of pot found inside truck’s spare tire after I-40 traffic stop

(Courtesy: 23rd Judicial Drug Task Force)

DICKSON, Tenn. (WKRN) – A drug shipment headed from New York to Texas was intercepted in Dickson, thanks to some alert agents with the 23rd Judicial Drug Task Force.

Agents showed News 2 pictures of 50 pounds of high grade marijuana they say is valued at close to $200,000.

“Normally we don’t see drugs headed from the east coast headed back to Mexico,” one agent said.

The pot, contained in individual one-pound packages, was found in a spare tire under a pickup truck.

(Courtesy: 23rd Judicial Drug Task Force)

It all began last Friday when the pickup towing a Lexus reportedly crossed the white lines of Interstate 40 multiple times.

Drug agents pulled the truck over near the Dickson exit.

Authorities said the driver, Christian Sanchez, was nervous. His passenger, Jose Juarez, reportedly gave a story that didn’t add up either.

“Very talkative guy, and he was breathing rapidly and I noticed his carotid artery was pulsing out of his neck and stuff,” the agent told News 2.

“It’s not normal for the motoring public, but for someone engaged in criminal activity, we see that as a common indicator,” he added.

Back at the task force officer, K-9 Nina was run around the truck and hit on the spare tire. When it was sliced open, 50 pounds of marijuana were found inside.

Both men were charged with possession with intent to sell. They’re being held in the Dickson County jail under a $76,000 bond each.