Hendersonville teacher wins 5th straight Nashville marathon

(Photo: WKRN)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – For the fifth year in a row, Scott Wietecha has won the St. Jude Rock ‘n’ Rock Marathon.

His story is one we’ve told before: a Hendersonville teacher who just happens to be a really, really good runner.

“I’m just in the zone, watching my pace and just trying to stay as smooth as possible,” says Wietecha. “It’s like I go into robot mode I’m so focused.”

He’s got it down to a science now, first with his training.

“I run about 100 miles a week with one or two hard workouts,” he says.

His race day meals are usually the same, too.

“I always say I have an iron stomach, my cliché meal is Pop-Tarts.”

His fans are never wavering.

“My wife and my kids encourage me. The high school kids I run with and I have a kids running group, they all keep me motivated,” explained Wietecha.

In the end, he’s the first one across the finish line four years in a row. Winning the St. Jude Rock and Rock Marathon is just something Witecha does.

But this year, it almost didn’t happen at all.

“In January, I was pretty much done with running. I had a bike and I was just riding around on that a few days a week.”

His running shoes were in the closet until he started coaching high school students.

“So, I started running with them because I didn’t want to get dropped by some kids. So, once I started running with them the bug kind of bit me a little bit! I slowly got back into it,” says Wietecha. “But if the high school kids hadn’t called me back I wouldn’t be here now.”

Now that he is here and training, he’s back in the groove, with the same goal he always has.

“Oh it’s definitely to win.”

For Wietecha, finding the motivation to run is the easy part.

“The Nashville marathon is one I run for family and the community and my school kids and teachers. It’s not always the most important race on my training schedule, but it’s the race I look forward to the most, it gives me a chance to represent Sumner County.”

At the end of the day, Wietecha has five Nashville marathon wins under his belt.

So will the fifth one be his last?

“I think I’ve said that every year the last four years. We will see, though,” he says. “I thought I was done this year in January. I also think it would be cool to win 10 and if I win 10 I will be 40-years-old as well. And if a 40-year-old wins a race, you can talk a lot of trash.”