Pregnant woman’s Wilson County home destroyed by fire

(Photo: WKRN)

WILSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – Fire destroyed a pregnant woman’s mobile home early Wednesday morning.

When Amber Frye returned to her Old Laguardo Road home around 3 a.m. she saw it burning.

“It was just black smoke. The bedroom was completely on fire. It was now just spreading to the living room,” described Frye.

The nearest fire hydrant though did not have enough water pressure so firefighters had to truck water over from somewhere else.

“There’s a fire hydrant literally 75 feet from the trailer. It should’ve worked and put everything out, and saved most of her stuff,” said the homeowner’s brother Jeremy Frye.

(Photo: WKRN)

Frye’s home was destroyed along with everything inside, as well as a vacant home nearby.

“The situation there happened to be, I guess you could say, a perfect storm,” said Michael Clay, a spokesperson for the West Wilson Utility District.

The West Wilson Utility District is responsible for checking the faulty hydrant outside the burned-out home.

“When the fire happened, unknowingly to us, there was a water main break as well about 200 yards away,” Clay said.

Throughout the day Wednesday, crews with the district worked to fix that water main break.

Clay adds that the approximately 3,000 hydrants within the district are checked twice a year.

The one in question outside Frye’s home had been checked in August and had “really good water pressure,” Clay said.

All hydrants are color-coded based on water pressure.

The highest level is blue. The one outside Frye’s home is the next level, which is green. Orange follows, and red is the lowest level, which indicates a low-flow hydrant.

“You should not be concerned. It just so happened to be the perfect storm that there was a leak at that time and then a fire at the same time. It’s just an odd occurrence, a coincidence that it would happen on the same street,” said Clay.

The cause of the water main break is unclear, as is the cause of the fire.