Dawn Davenport skydives with US Army Golden Knights

Courtesy: Golden Knights

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The U.S. Army parachute team is in Clarksville this week and News 2’s Dawn Davenport got to skydiving with them on Wednesday.

The Golden Knights are one of just three aerial teams sanctioned by the Department of Defense, including the Navy Blue Angels and Air Force Thunderbirds.

The Golden Knights began back in 1959 and have performed in more than 16,000 shows and broken almost 350 world records.

“Our job is to connect America to America’s Army,” explained Sfc. Joe Jones. “By doing that through free fall, we are demonstrating the skills and the talent the American Army display every day.”

Courtesy: Golden Knights

Sfc. Jones gave Dawn Davenport a close-up look at those skills as he prepared her to jump from a plane at 13,500 feet, or two-and-a-half miles, above the ground.

“We’ll step out of the plane and do about 120 mph back to Earth. We’ll deploy parachute at about 5,000 feet,” he explained.

Dawn openly admitted she was nervous before the big jump, saying when the doors opened her nerves really kicked in.

“We don’t stay in the door for very long,” Jones said. “We go – one, two, three!”

Courtesy: Golden Knights

At 120 mph, Dawn and her instructor free fall for about a minute.

“People ask me all the time, ‘What’s it like to free fall?’ You can’t describe the feelings and what happens to your body in a free fall,” Jones said.

As for Dawn, she called the experience amazing and echoed Jones’ thoughts on free falling.

“He’s right! The feeling is indescribable,” she said.

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