Davidson County juvenile violent crime increases over 2016

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – An analysis of juveniles charged for violent crime shows an increase in key categories including aggravated assault, especially aggravated assault, homicide, robbery, aggravated robbery, especially aggravated robbery, theft over $1,000 and theft of vehicle.

Overall, the number of juveniles charged with violent felonies has increased by 37 percent when compared to the same time period last year.

Davidson County Juvenile Court has instituted a number of initiatives to curb juvenile crime including a gang court, drug court and infant court for young parents.

In the juvenile court system, there is a team approach to identifying the root causes a child commits a crime and how supporting the family can help change the behavior.

In Davidson County, there is an assessment team that studies the teen and family situation. There is also a Support Intervention Assessment that provides programs like the gang court to help keep teens from re-offending.

The court is also planning to launch a restorative justice pilot program later this year.

Restorative justice programs focus on constructive responses to wrongdoing that bring those who have harmed their victims and affected community members into processes that repair harms and rebuild relationships, according to the mayor’s office.

Davidson County still needs to partner with an agency to help with restorative conferences for the victim and offenders.

“We really believe this is the answer to youth violence,” Court Administrator Kathryn Sinback said in January. “It has to be done well and has to be a very extensive process.”

The move toward restorative justice is part of the recommendations from the Mayor’s Youth Violence Summits held in 2016.

Below is the data on juvenile arrest provided by the Davidson County Juvenile Court.

Photo: WKRN