AMBER Alert case to bring changes to Maury County Schools policy

Photo: WKRN

COLUMBIA, Tenn. (WKRN) – In a direct response to the Elizabeth Thomas case, the Maury County school district is figuring out what it can do better when it comes to monitoring relationships between students and teachers.

The district created a task force to address the issue, meeting last week for the second time.

It was a closed-door meeting so that officers, counselors, and teachers could speak freely.

The school system’s communications director gave News 2 details on the meeting, saying a mental health expert recommended child advocacy and sexual assault training for the entire district.

The task force is also recommending a new curriculum for grades kindergarten through 12th that deals with issues of self-empowerment.

These ideas and more are still in draft phase and haven’t received final approval from the task force.

The group will meet again on May 5, and it will also be closed to the media.

As News 2 reported earlier this month, the task force is also reviewing parental-notification policies and improving a checks and balances system.

As soon as the task force makes its final decision, the plan will put in place immediately for the school district.