Victim of officer-involved shooting in Murfreesboro is no stranger to law

(Mug: Rutherford County Sheriff's Office)

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) – News 2 did some digging and found the man injured in Thursday’s officer-involved shooting is no stranger to the law.

News 2 obtained documents that state back in January, Jeffery Underhill, 54, of Double Springs Road, allegedly assaulted his wife.

According to the arrest warrant, the wife was speaking to Underhill and he said she needed to speak louder because he wasn’t able to hear her.

She spoke louder and he complained she was speaking too loudly, and then he allegedly grabbed her by the hair and head, placed her head in the vehicle’s doorframe, and slammed the door on her head, causing a bruise above her left eye.

She also had a bruise to her leg from nine days earlier, according to authorities.

The documents also revealed Underhill admitted to setting his daughter-in-law’s boyfriend’s vehicle on fire.

He was arrested and charged with domestic assault and setting fire to personal property.

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A neighbor says this past Sunday, he heard quite a bit of ruckus coming from the Underhill’s property.

“I couldn’t tell what was happening because it was dark and I couldn’t see through the bushes right there, but I could hear it,” Elmo Herrod explained.

He continued, “It was loud. She was letting it be known. They were in to it. I didn’t hear her say ‘Jeff.’ She was into with somebody, and I assumed it was him.”

Herrod told News 2 his sister saw the two earlier in the day and the wife reportedly had a black eye.

A Rutherford County deputy responded to do a follow-up call Wednesday from a prior incident when he and Underhill got into a scuffle.

(Photo: WKRN)

During the incident, the officer, reportedly fearing for his life, fired his gun at the 54-year-old, hitting him at least one time.

Rutherford County sheriff’s officials still haven’t released the name of the deputy involved, who received some scrapes and bruises from the physical altercation.

“We still are referring all inquiries to the TBI,” said RCSO spokesperson Lisa Marchesoni. “Anytime a deputy is involved with this type of situation, the deputy is placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the TBI investigation.”

Neighbors also told News 2 Underhill is suffering from cancer. His family told News 2 he was in stable but critical condition at the hospital.