White County mourns loss of volunteer fire department captain

WHITE COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – Firefighters in a White County volunteer fire department are mourning the death of their Fire Captain Christopher Ryan White.

The BonDeCroft Volunteer Fire Department reported Captain White was killed March 25 in a car crash in the northern part of the county.

White was 27 years old and joined the department in 2015. 

The department posted a recording of White’s final call on its Facebook page, which said:

“We know that Ryan has responded to his last call on Earth and has returned home to eternity. He will be a guardian over his fellow firefighters. Ryan served the citizens of Bondecroft and White County for two years. We appreciate Ryan’s dedication and his family’s sacrifices during the time Ryan was a firefighter.”

White is survived by his daughter and finacee.

He was buried in Sparta, Tennessee on Wednesday.