33 animals rescued from filthy conditions in Houston County home

(Photo: WKRN)

HOUSTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – A disturbing case of animal cruelty was discovered in Houston County after close to 40 animals were found in a home Sunday afternoon.

Authorities told News 2 the conditions inside the house were some of the worst they’ve ever seen.

The animals were rescued after the Houston County Sheriff’s Office received an anonymous tip.

They removed 33 animals, which included mostly dogs and a few cats. Officials also found two deceased dogs inside the home and one dead possum in a kennel.

“They’ve been housed like this, we know, a week without attention,” noted Houston County Sheriff Kevin Sugg.

The homeowner was in the hospital, so they were without food during that time.

Marlene Greenlee, the homeowner, talked to News 2 about why she was hospitalized.

“I had a stroke, took myself out of the hospital on Friday,” she said. “Had a friend that was supposed to be feeding these animals.”

Greenlee says she’s a victim of dog dumping, and her cries for help have fallen on deaf ears.

“They just keep dumping them. I’ve called the sheriff’s department before – there is nothing done in this county about dogs.”

But the county disagrees, and they now have to find a way to manage all the animals.

“There are a few cases where we’ll have to have some humanely put down,” noted Dr. Mark Turney with the Houston County Animal Clinic. “The majority of these animals can be adoptable.”

Sheriff Suggs says Greenlee should have reached out to the humane society for help.

“She could’ve called the [humane society] like we did to get help,” said Sugg. “The veterinarian’s office in the county is really good about helping people here.”

The case is now pending, while authorities focus on the welfare of the animals.

The Houston County Sheriff’s office is asking for the public’s help through donations. Click here to find out what’s needed.

The dogs are currently in Dickson County with their humane society. They say they are in desperate need of cash donations in order to nurse these animals back to good health.