Debris left behind after strong storms rip through Fall Creek Falls

Photo: WKRN

SPENCER, Tenn. – Strong storms ripped through a popular tourist destination in Middle Tennessee on Tuesday and left a path of destruction behind with it.

“It’s a beautiful park. We were having a great time and then this storm came up really, really fast,” said Paul Brown, a camper from Chelsea, Alabama.

The strong winds were too much for many aged trees.

“The winds picked up very quickly. All of the trees around us are quite tall and mature and the tops of them started snapping.”

Paul and his wife, Mary, were inside their camper when a tree crushed their RV that was full of coast to coast memories.

Photo: WKRN

“We’ve had lots and lots of great trips out west and to Canada. We’ve been all over in this thing, so this is where it ends,” said Brown.

Their peaceful visit to the serene park is now filled with sounds of chainsaws and wood chippers.

In the next campground over, trees fell one by one and forced visitors to duck and cover.

“The wind came first, then the rain started. It was bad,” said Sal Pacifico, a camper from Chattanooga.

His family was lucky, but the one across the street from them was not lucky.

“I looked up and the big tree right behind us was falling. I heard it fall on the people behind us and I heard hollering and screaming so I went running out through there because I didn’t know if it fell on kids or what,” said John Wolfe.

Even though their trip is cut shot, Paul hopes to replace his camper and start making new memories soon.

The park had crews working throughout the day to clear roads and keep the campground open. As far as damage, a park official told News 2 a bathroom facility was the only thing damaged.

No injuries were reported inside the park.