Proposed cuts would impact Meals on Wheels funding

(Photo: WKRN)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Proposed cuts to federal block grants will impact some very popular programs, including Meals on Wheels.

Meals on Wheels delivers well-balanced meals to seniors who can’t get out.

But it’s more than just food. For many seniors, it’s the only knock on their door all day.

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It comes with companionship and a safety check.

“It’s a real comfort to people who are more isolated and home-bound,” said Janet Jernigan, executive director of Fifty Forward. “They know there’s going to be someone every day who’s coming by to check on them.”

Fifty Forward runs a Meals on Wheels program in Nashville that is entirely funded by private donations.

But many Meals on Wheels programs depend on federal funding as part of their budgets.

Volunteer Bill Schwartz says he’s worried about cuts to programs that help seniors.

“They really need the help that we provide,” Schwartz said. “And it’s distressing to me to try and deal with anticipated cuts of these programs.”

Fifty Forward’s Meals on Wheels program delivered 18,000 meals in 2016.