The Hermitage inundated with calls after President Trump’s visit

(Courtesy: Press pool feed)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The Hermitage has been inundated with calls since it was announced President Donald Trump would be paying a visit to the home of Andrew Jackson.

Less than 24 hours after Trump walked the grounds, thousands came out not only to celebrate Jackson’s birthday but to re-live Wednesday’s history.

“I feel like I’m the president and I’m in the president’s footsteps,” Kaley Duffle told News 2.

She and her friends from Station Camp Elementary were among those who were anxious to get their photo beside the wreath President Trump placed on Jackson’s tomb.

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On Wednesday, the historic home was closed for the president’s visit, so visitors had to reschedule their trips to Thursday.

“I think it’s kind of created this renewed interest in Jackson, learning more of his story because it is something out of a movie,” marketing director Jason Nelson told News 2.

A movie that intrigues President Trump.

“Different things would touch him,” The Hermitage president and CEO Howard Kittell explained.

He toured the mansion alongside Trump, who he says inquired about Jackson’s financial means.

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“He said Andrew Jackson must have been pretty rich, right? I said, ‘Well, yes he had been the third richest president until you, and you kind of bumped him,” Kittell laughed.

He said President Trump seemed interested in the parallels between the seventh president and his life. He also inquired about the media coverage surrounding Jackson’s mark in history and wanted to know about his love affair with his wife Rachel.

“He wanted to know the story of their lives because there was this controversy about Jackson and Rachel being married while she was already married to her first husband and how that got sorted out and how did that play out in their lives,” said Kittell.

He also said the president showed special interest in Jackson’s bedroom.

“He liked learning of the president’s personality and how the mansion expresses or reflects that personality.”

Kittell believes The Hermitage will continue to benefit from Trump’s visit to the grounds.

We’re told White House officials stayed on The Hermitage grounds for days leading up to the president’s visit.

They even had offices and phone lines set up during their time there.