Detective: Accused killer searched for stories on Tiffany Ferguson’s murder

Christopher McLawhorn (Photo: WKRN)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – More than two weeks after a young nurse was stabbed to death inside her Nashville condo, a detective in the case said the accused killer specifically searched online for stories about the murder hours later.

Christopher McLawhorn was developed as a person of interest and arrested by police for misdemeanor drug possession before being charged in Tiffany Ferguson’s death.

He was charged 10 days after the 23-year-old woman was stabbed multiple times in the early morning hours of Feb. 28.

On Thursday, Detective Chad Gish with the Metro-Nashville Police Department took the stand to speak on digital evidence in the case.

(Photo of Tiffany Ferguson from Facebook)

“When I started looking at Internet history, specifically, I started looking to see what the first Internet history would be by the suspect after the murder,” Gish explained.

According to Gish, one of the first searches McLawhorn did on his phone after the murder was “Nashville, Tennessee, stabbing.”

The detective said he then read News 2’s story on the stabbing, coming back multiple times while also searching for news on the crime for several minutes before searching for pawn shops.

After more than six hours without any Internet searches,  Det. Gish said McLawhorn returned to WKRN’s website shortly after 3 p.m.

Courtesy: Metro-Nashville Police Department

“Right then, he’s back on to that same page again at, ‘Police search for killer after woman stabbed inside Nashville condo,’” Gish said.

A few minutes later, Gish said McLawhorn searched, “Will rain wash away fingerprints?,” before checking the weather and  later reading pages titled, “Can your fingerprints be found by police if you have no criminal record?” and “How do police find and use fingerprints to catch criminals?”

Just after 4:15 p.m. Gish said McLawhorn visited a porn website and searched for “Murderotica Suffocation” before accessing a video.

About two hours later, he is back on local news sites looking at stories about Ferguson’s murder.

Authorities now say Ferguson was stabbed at least six times and suffered three stab wounds in her chest that went through her ribs.

Courtesy: Metro-Nashville Police Department

It was also revealed Thursday that knives were missing from her apartment after her murder and there were holes found in her bed that were consistent with stab wounds from a knife.

A detective said a laptop and a kitchen knife with blood, which was later determined to be Ferguson’s, was found outside a home nearby.

Others also testified Thursday in the case, with one saying that McLawhorn told him Ferguson woke up and startled him while he was allegedly inside the home.

“He said he killed a lady,” said witness John O’Donnell. “He said he killed someone.”

O’Donnell said McLawhorn initially told him a mark on his neck was from a barbwire fence. After asking again, McLawhorn allegedly confessed to killing a woman.

“He says he killed someone and the marks on his neck were from a struggle,” a witness stated.

Another witness said McLawhorn had texted him saying, “If police ask – only say I have the clothes on my back.”  Others testified that McLawhorn had changed clothes after the murder.

McLawhorn is charged with criminal homicide and especially aggravated burglary. He remains jailed.

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