Antioch High students walk out of school to voice concerns

Photo: WKRN

Raw videos of the walk out are at the bottom of this story. Scroll down or click here to see both from the News 2 app.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Students at Antioch High School staged a walkout Friday in protest recent decisions made by school officials as well as problem they find within their building.

Hundreds of students filed out of the school shortly after 8 a.m. once first period classes ended and gathered on campus.

While outside, they read an open letter to their principal, Dr. Keiva Wiley, that outlined their grievances and said their aim was to have their voices heard in a powerful way.

“Dr. Wiley, these are the concerns of your students. These are the problems that we demand be resolved. We demand change and resolution here at Antioch. We will not rest until our demands are met,” the letter reads.

Students claim their discontent with the administration began last October. They say the school wouldn’t allow eligible students to take the PSAT, “ruining their chances of any National Merit Scholar Scholarships.”

They go on to discuss changes to the school’s dress code and fees associated with Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate students, as well as issues with extracurricular activities.

“For the past few years, Antioch has really worked to grow extra-curricular activities. That all changed when Dr.Wiley and her administration took over,” the students wrote. “We have seen the fragmentation of numerous clubs and extracurricular activities due to the lack of fundraising.”

The bathrooms, cafeteria food, and senior week were other issues discussed in the letter. Click here to read it in full.

News 2 reached out to Metro Nashville Public Schools for comment. Spokeswoman Ameerah Palacios sent the following statement:

A few hundred students at Antioch High School participated in a peaceful walkout today in response to a personnel issue involving the football coach. Personnel matters at schools are at the discretion of the principal. We are working with the administration at Antioch High School to resolve this issue with the community.”