Police: Man seriously burned while huffing when aerosol ignites

Brandon Gibson (Courtesy: Ashland City Police Department)

ASHLAND CITY, Tenn. (WKRN) – An Ashland City man is in the hospital with serious burns after police say the cleaning product he was huffing ignited.

Brandon Gibson is accused of stealing the product from Walmart and going right behind the store to huff the chemicals when the accident happened.

News 2 did some digging and discovered that Gibson’s arrest record with the TBI is more than 20 pages long.

His extensive criminal history includes multiple theft charges and unlawful huffing, and that’s exactly what Ashland City police say happened Thursday night.

This time, the product was Ultra Duster, an all-purpose cleaning product that is toxic and sold in aerosol cans.

Somehow the product ignited and Gibson suffered a burn so severe to his hands we can’t even show you the pictures.

He was rushed to Vanderbilt University Medical Center where he remains in the burn unit. He was last listed as critical but stable.

(Photo: WKRN)

Dr. Corey Slovis, Medical Director of the Nashville Fire Department, told News 2 that cases of huffing are declining because even abusers realize how dangerous it is.

“The way some people have burns, they are smoking a cigarette or they are near a flame and it just combusts. It’s like gas at a fire,” he explained.

“They use a solvent, paint thinner, spray paint, gasoline, put it in a paper bag and breathe in and out and huff it,” Dr. Slovis continued.

He told News 2 that inhaling hydrocarbons leads to the feeling of euphoria, but it also destroys brain cells.

According to Metro arrest affidavits, Gibson has multiple arrests for huffing.

Brandon Gibson (Courtesy: Metro Nashville Police Department)

In one instance, he was found unconscious in the woman’s room at a restaurant on 21st Avenue.

In 2015, he was being treated at a local hospital for huffing. While there, he asked to go to the bathroom and was caught huffing aerosols he smuggled in his clothes in the hospital restroom.

“The big picture in health care is how many diseases, complaints are based on the abuse of things not good for you,” Dr. Slovis told News 2.

“Drinking and driving, using drugs, using solvents… It is a huge burden on society, and a huge burden police, fire and EMS,” he added.

Gibson faces a long rehab and more charges when he gets out of the burn unit.