Antioch neighbors frustrated as speeding cars crash in their lawns

(Courtesy: Crystal Owens)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – An Antioch neighborhood is fed up with speeders. Serving as an unfortunate bridge between major highways, a mother continues to clean up after reckless driving leads to yet another accident on her lawn.

On Billingsgate Road, 4 p.m. is a hot time for students fresh out of school and speeders fresh out of work.

“It’s a convenient street to get to Murfreesboro Road and to get access to Harding Place for I-24,” explained Crystal Owens, who lives off the road. “So it’s a convenient road, but it’s still a neighborhood.”

(Courtesy: Crystal Owens)

Owens has quite a mess after a collision crashed her Tuesday morning.

“I was awoken to a car crashing into our fence,” she explained. “I knew automatically it was another accident right here in our yard because it’s happened so many times.”

In just over a year, Owens has had four crash landings on her lawn.

“There was actually a driver’s seat in the front yard,” she told News 2 while describing one of the accidents. “It’s been some very dangerous, very serious accidents.”

(Courtesy: Crystal Owens)

Owens has been in contact with Metro police as well as Metro Public Works, who recently left a reflective warning sign near her house.

Unfortunately, the new sign was knocked over during this week’s collision.

News 2 reached out to public works and still awaits word on what might be next for Billingsgate.

Owens now anxiously awaits safety measures she hopes will come down the road.

“I would like to see possibly a guard rail, possibly a speed limit change, speed humps, an additional stop sign,” she said. “I’m very concerned about the many families and children who are in this area.”