Titans, Nissan Stadium officials know what it means to be storm ready

Photo: WKRN

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – On Sundays, the Tennessee Titans often pack 68,000 people into Nissan Stadium.

The National Weather Service has recognized both the team and stadium as being Storm Ready.

“To be storm ready like the Tennessee Titans are, it’s a great honor because they have gone the extra effort to make sure that those attending football games or concerts here at Nissan Stadium are protected and well informed when inclement weather strikes,” said Krissy Hurley of the National Weather Service.

The key to being storm ready is to have a plan.

“We make sure they have a hazardous weather plan. So whether it’s lightning, tornadoes, floods… that they have a plan in place in case that type of inclement weather occurs,” said Hurley.

(Photo: WKRN)
(Photo: WKRN)

Bob Flynn, Vice President of Facilities and Game Day Operations for the Titans, spoke with News 2 about the stadium’s plan.

“For the NFL games and most of our events here, if it’s within 8 miles, we have to pull everybody off the field and we ask the people in the bowl to go into the concourse or the clubs or wherever. And so we have about a 30-minute break from the last lightning strike, so that’s key for people to understand. If we go 25 minutes and we get another one, it starts the clock again,” Flynn explained.

Ushers from the venue will work to have people filter into the concourse in an orderly manner.

“For all my events, I always have somebody from Office of Emergency Management here. Scott Harris is always here, and if we know beforehand that weather could be a factor, we’ll have a meteorologist here also,” said Flynn.

And it’s not just football fans that Flynn looks out for.

“I’ve got CMAs here. We have concerts here. We have soccer games here. We have Monster Jam here. We have lots of different things, but it’s all about safety. If we have a weather issue, we want to take care of those people whether they are Titans fans, Monster Jam fans, soccer fans, CMA fans; I’ve got to make sure they are safe,” he said.

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