Pet of the Week for Feb. 28, 2017

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Looking for a new pet? Check out Nashville’s News 2’s “Pet of the Week” segment every Tuesday on Good Morning Nashville. Below are this week’s featured pets:

Gucci B08 A138163 3Y

With a name like Gucci, and a mug like that, you’d think this pooch would be all confident swagger. But when you walk up to this handsome fella’s kennel, you find a sweet, shy and gentle giant. His big beautiful eyes look up at you full of love and a little uncertainty, aching to be liked, loved and chosen. Out on the leash, he is a soft walker who is desperate to please and for approval. He hasn’t had much training but he definitely knows sit. Before you can even finish the syllable, he has plopped down and is staring up at you intently, as if asking “Was that good? Did I do it right?” Gucci is such a beautiful dog who just needs some love, patience and kindness to start believing in himself. Come in and spend some time with him. He will make a great loyal addition to his new family.

Miracle B10 A129541 1Y3M

Miracle is an aptly named girl with expressive eyes as brown as drops of chocolate and twice as sweet, a beautiful red and white coat, and the best traits of both breeds. Happy-go-lucky, playful, smart and loyal, Miracle just wants to please you. She is a true favorite among staff and volunteers alike. Miracle spices her aim-to-please disposition with lots of energy and strength. She has learned to trot loose-leashed alongside you for as far as you can go, gazing up with that sweet shy smile. If you love the thought of a dog that will reward your time and efforts a hundred times over, who will bond deeply with you through training and companionship, and who will be a smart and loyal friend for life, look no further. Miracle is the dog for you. And, just as importantly, you are absolutely the owner for her. If you are at all curious, come in and meet her in person. You will be so glad you did.

Sandra A09 A136982 3Y

For some reason, this stunning blonde beauty queen has become a longtime resident—watching with endless hope and optimism as people stop, look and pass her by. We have no idea why. Sandra is a beautiful, sweet and expressive dog who is holding on to her amazing spirit even as the shelter jitters set in. She would love to be part of a calm home with a kind, loving leader who will make the effort to nurture and coax the very best from her. She is one of our prettiest dogs and would make a lovely—and loving—addition to the right family. Come in and give her 10 minutes, and she will give you a lifetime of loyalty.

IBKROOM A136798 8Y

Contrary to his name, Frosty is such a warm cuddle bug. He would love if you came down to MACC and considered adding him to your family. Frosty has been at the shelter for 43 days and would love to have a family to call his own.