Pets of the Week for Feb. 20, 2017

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Looking for a new pet? Check out Nashville’s News 2’s “Pet of the Week” segment every Tuesday on Good Morning Nashville. Below are this week’s featured pets:

Caro 137506 3-years-old

Who hasn’t wondered, in moments of quiet contemplation, “What would it be like if the Pokey Little Puppy were gigantic?” The answer is “Caro.” Sweet as syrup, Caro is a goofy, floppy snuggler with a goose-feather soft white coat and a head the size of a prize pumpkin. We just don’t have the heart to tell him he is enormous. Though, when he nuzzles into our lap like a Hulk pug, it’s tempting. Caro loves treats, cuddling and compliments, so he will be quick and easy to train. Caro is going to be a loyal, loving friend for life. Come on in for a king-size cuddle! Caro’s got plenty.

Sue Ann 136859 1-year-old

This pint-sized Betty Boop of a pit mix has got spunk to spare—and she can’t wait for a chance to prove it. An absolute barrel of monkeys, Sue Ann hits the ground running and can’t wait to get out to the big play yard. She may look like a couch potato in her kennel, but she is an Olympic-level fetcher who loves to be active. For someone looking for a constant companion for walks, runs, errands and exercise, Sue Ann is a one-pooch party of a partner. Sweet, silly and so much fun to be around, Sue Ann is one of the pups we all can’t believe is still here. She must be waiting just for you. Come in and let Sue Ann show her love and appreciation by giving you her favorite possession: A slobber-covered tennis ball. You’ll be surprised how precious a gift it really is. Boop-oop-a-doop!

Nyla 136481 7-years-old

This blue beauty queen is sweet, strong. On leash, she will let you know where she wants to go. But she also stops when you tell her. The owner who is willing to stay stopped for a moment or two—lovingly and patiently, telling her what a good listener she is—will earn Nyla’s respect, trust and deep loyalty. Nyla is a big goofy girl. She is gentle and affectionate and ready, willing and able to pull a truckload of love right into your home. Come in and show her some calm, consistent kindness and she will give it right back—along with a big, sloppy kiss from her big, beautiful face.

Mable 137452 5-years-old

Would you just look at that smile! Mable is such a sweet girl and she loves to talk. She values her alone time and gets along great with other cats.

Charlie 137293 2-years-old

Charlie is a love bug. She loves to be held so she would be great with children. She wants to give you love and affection as soon as you walk through the front door.