32 shake-and-bake meth labs found at Millersville home

(Courtesy: Millersville Police Department)

MILLERSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Police discovered 32 shake-and-bake style methamphetamine labs while serving a felony arrest warrant at a home in Millersville Tuesday.

Millersville police reported they were serving the warrant at a home on Ellis Lane for a 34-year-old man.

While at the home, officers found evidence consistent with the manufacturing of meth.

“When you have so many items put together, that basically justifies and lets us know that there is a possibility meth is being made,” explained Millersville Sergeant Dustin Carr.

After a six-hour investigation, 32 shake-and-bake style meth labs were discovered.

“We’ve had some large busts before,” Carr said. “I don’t know if that is the largest, but it is one of the larger ones we’ve had.”

The investigation is ongoing and charges are pending.

The home is condemned for now since meth was being made inside.

“The state is going to have to deem it safe before the residents are allowed back in,” Carr said.

No additional information was immediately released.