Notorious panhandler arrested again in Nashville

Paul Aniel (Courtesy: Metro Nashville Police Department)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A man who has been charged more than 115 times was arrested on Saturday again after he was reportedly panhandling near the interstate.

According to an affidavit, 50-year-old Paul Aniel was taken into custody along a Davidson County interstate ramp.

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Aniel was seen waiving down vehicles and claiming to have run out of gas, the report stated.

Metro police said at least three vehicles had stopped to help Aniel when officers arrived to the scene.

The report states Aniel, as a known offender, caused the citizens of Nashville to place themselves in danger for the sole purpose of scamming them.

Aniel has been arrested more than 115 times; nearly 50 of the prior charges are for panhandling, mostly in the Donelson area.

Court documents show Aniel’s arrest record dates back to 2003 and include prior aggravated robbery and assault charges.

Aniel was booked into the Metro jail and charged with solicitation. His bond was set at $8,000.

Metro police say anyone who sees a panhandler acting aggressively or engaging in illegal behavior should contact authorities.