Missing toddler found in bushes 2 blocks from home

(Courtesy: KOIN)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A 2-year-old boy was found by a Mountain Wave Search and Rescue K9 Saturday after he was reported missing by his mother.

The boy was found about two blocks from his home in northeast Portland. K9 Ava found him in a blackberry bush around 11:45 a.m.

“She dragged me right in there,” Becky Irving with Mountain Wave said.

Irving said Ava is trained to search for the freshest human scent she smells.

(Courtesy: KOIN)
(Courtesy: KOIN)

The boy was taken to the hospital to be treated for exposure and scratches from the bush he was found in.

Portland police said the boy’s mother reported him missing around 6 a.m. when she woke up and he was not in the bed with her. She described him as a “very mobile” toddler.

“This is just a really good reminder for parents out there, if you have little ones, get those child locks,” Sgt. Jeff Helfrich said. “Put those on there. Pay attention to your kids if they wander around because these things happen. You may not think it happens to you, but it will.”

Helfrich said the boy became very attached to the officer who pulled him out of the bushes.

“The officer took his coat off and gave it to the child and actually went with the child to the hospital,” Helfrich said. “The child didn’t want to let go of the officer that found him.”

Investigators said the Oregon Department of Human Services will review the case, which is standard in situations involving child welfare.