Tenn. drug recovery court judge: ‘People knocking on the door to get in’

Judge Ken Goble (Photo: WKRN)

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – “People are knocking at the door trying to get in,” said a Montgomery County drug recovery court judge in front of the second meeting of Tennessee’s new opioid task force.

Judge Ken Goble, who is assigned to what is called veterans and drug/recovery courts in the Clarksville area, was one of three presenters before the task force set up this year by House Speaker Beth Harwell.

The judge was asked by former prosecutor Rep. William Lamberth what lawmakers could do to help curb the opiate problem that occupies more than a third of the cases in front of his courts.

He cited the need for more case managers who are often considered critical in the recovery of those hooked on “opiates found in your bathroom cabinet.”

The judge indicated that two case managers are currently overseeing 70 people in his recovery court.

Goble was joined by fellow Montgomery County Judge Ray Grimes, who helps oversee the same two drug recovery and veterans courts.

“Our purpose is to provide intense supervision, treatment referral and job placement services to drug court participants,” said Judge Grimes.

As for as more money to programs like the drug/ recovery and veterans courts in Montgomery County, Senate Majority Leader Mark Norris later indicated there are efforts to make that part of the overall state budget.

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