Pets of the week for Jan. 30 2017

Roxi (Photo: Metro Animal Care and Control)

Looking for a new pet? Check out Nashville’s News 2’s “Pet of the Week” segment every Tuesday on Good Morning Nashville. Below are this week’s featured pets:

Roxi– A136812 – Female (Spayed) – 8 years old

Meet Roxi. This sweet 8-year-old pup is a gentle and attentive walker who sticks close by your side. Smart, calm and tuned-in, she will be a quick and easy pup to train. With just a few atta-girls, some treats and a belly rub or two, you will have a loving, loyal sidekick who has the spunk to go anywhere and the manners to bring anywhere. Pictures don’t do this beauty justice, with her honey blonde brindle coat and her kind, loving eyes. Wouldn’t you love to wake up each morning and come home each night to this sweetheart? Drop in for a visit and see her for yourself. You’ll be so happy you did.

Curious George – A136786 – Male (Neutered) – 1 year old

Here’s the one and only Curious George. We could have called this 1-year-old, monkey-faced little snuggler Gorgeous George, but he is a lover not a fighter. This bouncy, sweet pocket pup has the nicks and scars of a young tough life, and now all he wants to do is pour out and soak up as much love as he possibly can. With just enough spirit to keep him interesting–and delivering the lulz–but not quite as much torque as some of the larger, diesel-powered models at MACC, Curious George will be an endless source of love and laughs in your home. He’s easy to walk and loves to lean in for some nuzzles. When you come visit him don’t let his bouncy greeting fool you. He’s just happy to see you. As soon as he is out on the leash, he calms right down and focuses on you. Are you George’s Man or Woman in the Yellow Hat? Come on in and find out.

Deezy -A128827 – Male (Neutered) – 2 years old

He might look like a brick house, but this lovable lunk of pit bull and English bulldog never met a treat or tree he didn’t like and never saw a lap too small to snuggle his way into. That’s why he’s Deezy. He’s Deezy like Sunday mornin’. Just a big, happy, goofy pooch, Deezy’s deep appreciation of treats will make him a breeze to train. And his loyal, aim-to-please disposition will make him a loving, loyal companion. His driver’s license says he’s 2, but he acts like a giant puppy. Come in and meet the big lug. He’ll be the best friend you ever had.

Princess – A136861 – Female (Spayed) – 6 years old

Miss Gray – A136922 – Female (Spayed) – 3 years old