Local team competes in Pond Hockey Championship

Courtesy: Jeremy K. Gover
Courtesy: Jeremy K. Gover
Courtesy: Jeremy K. Gover

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The Mighty Drunks, a D-League hockey team, usually play their games at Ford Ice Center in Antioch.

However, part of the team traveled to Minnesota in the final weekend of January to play in the U.S. Pond Hockey Championship.

The games are played on one of 25 rinks that set atop a frozen lake and are very different than what you may see at a Nashville Predators game.

There are no goalies, no nets and no glass around the boards. Players instead score goals by shooting the puck into a small box that sits on the ice.

The ice is different, too.

There are divots, ruts and cracks in the ice that make it difficult to skate. It was also in the teens and 20s this weekend when they played their games.

Despite the tough conditions, the players on the Mighty Drunks said they had a great time and can’t believe they got the opportunity to participate in the tournament.

As for taking home the “golden shovel,” the trophy handed out to the winning teams, the Mighty Drunks were satisfied with their not coming in last.