JOE BIDDLE: Sunday Notes: Jan. 29, 2017

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Random ruminations while wondering whatever happened to Rex Grossman…

NFL MOCK DRAFTS:  It’s that time of the year. Time for mock NFL drafts, from here ad nausea until NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell grabs the mike and says, “With the first pick of the 2017 NFL Draft …’’

According to Bleacher Report’s Knox Kristopher’s mock draft has the Titans taking the No. 5 pick courtesy of the LA Rams. He predicts it will be Clemson wide receiver Mike Williams. I don’t see it as a top priority, but then Titans GM “Trader’’ Jon Robinson is expected to do the unexpected.


SUPER BETS: Next Sunday’s Super Bowl LI will likely be the highest betting sporting event of the year. If you wish, there are a variety of side bets for those who want to load up on. You can bet on Patriots QB Tom Brady’s over-under of total passing yards. The number is 305.5 yards, take your pick. Over or under.

You can bet on what the first score of the game will be, a touchdown, field goal or a safety. Odds are a touchdown is 48 percent, a field goal 46 percent and a safety 6 percent.


DUCK LUCK: There have been a lot of football staff changes since the season ended. Oregon recently hired co-offensive coordinator and tight ends coach David Reaves and he will no longer be on the staff after being arrested on

suspension of driving while under the influence.

He was also charged with reckless driving and reckless endangerment. He was reported to have an adult passenger with him.Reaves wasn’t the only one that Oregon head coach Willie Taggert had to discipline. The former South Florida and Western Kentucky head coach sat his new strength and conditioning coach out for a month. In one of his workouts, three players were taking to a hospital.


SPORTS REPORTERS OUT: ESPN’s once popular Sunday show, The Sports Reporters, featured mainly print reporters in the early stages of the show. But time was against it and the final show will be at the end of May.

The show’s main cast was originally emceed by the late Dick Schaap, then the late John Saunders. The debaters were Boston Globe columnist Bob Ryan, Detroit’s Mitch Albom and New York’s Mike Lupica. Boston’s Bill Conlin was an early participant and Washington Post’s Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilborn later broke off to provide their own show.

Kornheiser has recently joined former Maryland basketball coach Gary Williams, Maury Povich and Washington businessman Alan Bubes. They have purchased a restaurant in Northwest D.C.

It was formerly named Chadwick’s, started in 1982. It has since been changed to Chad’s. Kornheiser will do some podcasts from the restaurant.

A word of caution to Mr. Tony. Take it from someone whose wife started a restaurant here in Brentwood. She had been in retail management for years and I about fainted when she announced she was going to open a restaurant.

Sharon had rarely cooked a meal, but she went in with two partners and opened a tea-room type restaurant in Murfreesboro. The partners taught her what she needed to know and she opened Biddle’s Lunch Box in Brentwood’s Koger Center. She worked 16-hour days, sold it after 5 years and made money.

If you want to make money, it will take a strong commitment. You have to be married to it.


TRAGIC DEATH: I got word Friday that a Watertown High softball player died Thursday night. Sophomore Katie Wilson suffered a severe brain injury and was removed from life support later at a Nashville hospital.

She and some other friends went “mudding,’’ earlier this week when she fell out of the truck bed when it rounded a curve in the road. Funeral services were incomplete Friday.

Watertown principal Jeff Luttrell told the Wilson Post that Katie “exemplified everything we look for from our students. She had a great impact on her classmates. There’s nothing that could have prepared us for something like this.’’

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