Runaway cow that authorities chased for hours captured on Austin Peay Campus

(Photo: WKRN)

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – There was an unusual standoff at Austin Peay State University after authorities came face to face with a furry suspect they had been pursuing since the night before.

It was an odd sight for a morning commute. Calls poured into police from Riverside Drive as a brazen bovine made a run for Austin Peay.

“Right here on Riverside, you ain’t gonna believe me if I told you,” explained one man to dispatch.

“It’s probably a calf, and it’s all by itself,” noted another caller. “Came down Main Street and ran across in front of traffic.”

Authorities had been tailing the cow since the night before when reports of two loose cows streamed into the department. Hours of searching led to tense moments outside of Austin Peay, with a passing motorist catching the action.

“We were just driving down the road and we saw about three to four cop cars,” said Caitlyn Linden. “The next thing you see is a cow just running across campus.”

That run though wouldn’t last, and soon the cow was taken in by police.

“They were very gentle with the cow,” noted Linden. “They pinned him down and they ended up transporting him.”

The cow is now in the care of a local cowboy, set to be returned to his owner over the weekend.

However, the second reported cow is still at large, meaning motorists should keep their eyes peeled.

Austin Peay officials are now urging students to send in their best cow memes for a chance to win prizes.