Pets of the Week for Jan. 23, 2017

Dandy Mandy

Looking for a new pet? Check out Nashville’s News 2’s “Pet of the Week” segment every Tuesday on Good Morning Nashville. Below are this week’s featured pets:

A136634 Vandy Landy 3 years young neutered
Vandy Landy is oh so dandy, he’s a treat for sure just like candy!  Vandy Landy would love to have a buddy by his side that enjoys football as much as he does.  From fetching to catching, this fur kid’s day is made to play!  Come down to the shelter today and become Vandy’s biggest cheerleader!

A136558 Pandy Sandy- 3 years young spayed
Pandy Sandy is quite adorable and awesomely handy; handy for long hugs and good snuggly snugs!  She’s a gentle soul with lots of kisses to deliver; she’s unequivocally a great companion and canine love giver! Come meet Pandy Sandy today and see why we at the shelter thinks she’s darn right dandy!

A136655 Dandy Mandy- 5 years young spayed
Dandy Mandy is an adorable doggo ready for adoptiono!  she’s working on stay and has a lovely sit; she works so hard on training and never throws a fit.  she loves to go for walks and adores our volunteers, we’re all waiting for her adopters so we can shout out her adoption cheers!  Come visit this good girl today and see why she’s loved in so many ways!

A136794 Baltazar-2 year old Neutered
Baltazar is the cat’s meow by far!  A dashing young fellow, who’s affectionate and mellow, he’d love to get to say hello!  Come visit this kitty cat who knows where the love is at and allow him to lay out his purrific welcome mat!

A132451 Bronx– 11 month old spayed
A tortie, a tortie, her adoption fee is only 40! But wait, starting this week, her adoption fee has been lowered, putting her at a prime adopting peek!  Come women, come men because all feline adoptions have been reduced to only 10!  All MACC feline adoptions from 1/23-1/28 are only $10!