Nearly paralyzed dog overcomes the odds, reunites with family

Courtesy: WTEN

ALBANY, New York (NEWS10) – It’s a reunion that’s months in the making after a family has reunited with their beloved dog after he overcame incredible odds.

Grizzy is a big dog with even a bigger heart and 7-year-old Luke loves his four-legged companion.

The two were finally together again Saturday.

Back in April, Grizzy was having trouble walking so his owner Melissa Mullamphy brought him to an animal hospital in Yonkers. It was there when things took a turn for the worst.

“We walked in with a walking dog and out with a quadriplegic,” said Mullamphy.

He was suffering from Wobblers Disease, making it very difficult for him to walk.

Melissa and her family had nowhere to turn.

“I searched everywhere. All over the Tri-State area. Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and there’s not a place like this place,” said Mullamphy.

But two hours away from their Holmes, New York home, they found Shaker Veterinary Animal Hospital in Latham. So they took the chance and made the trip.

“It’s probably the biggest case that we’ve ever taken on,” said Jenn Wolfe, who helped rehab Grizzy.

Jenn Wolfe is a licensed Veterinary Technician. She and her team were up for the incredible challenge of rehabbing Grizzy back to walking shape.

“He was paralyzed. Not able to do much but lay on his side. As far as sitting, standing, getting up, he couldn’t do it,” said Wolfe.

Six months of hard work slowly gave way to real progress.

“Every day we saw him do something better whether it is oh he felt that toe today, he didn’t feel that toe yesterday,” said Wolfe.


“Grizzy started walking by himself without any help two days before Christmas, “said Wolfe.

That’s when Jenn and her team knew the time was close. Now over six months later, Grizzy is finally ready to go home.

“I’m just really thankful and now my son has his dog back and he can walk. We’re already fighting to see who will sleep next to him on the floor tonight,” said Mullamphy.