Local auto union chief finds Trump policies ‘pleasant surprise’

(AP Photo)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – In the new world of economics under the Trump presidency, traditionally Democratic-leaning union members at the huge General Motors plant in Maury County find themselves now often aligned with the immediate policies of the new Republican White House.

It comes on the day when GM chairman and CEO Mary Barra was among automobile executives meeting with President Trump at the White House.

United Auto Workers Local 1853 chairman Mike Herron, whose group represents many of the 3,800 workers at the Spring Hill plant south of Nashville, told News 2 he and many of the rank-and-file look at Trump’s philosophy of “America First” and bringing manufacturing plants to this country as “good news” and a “pleasant surprise.”

The local union chair stressed that among the rank-and-file he represents that “a good number of them supported now President Trump and a good number of them that supported Hillary Clinton.”

Herron added though “when it comes to jobs and job creation in a country will be no division there whatsoever.”

He cited President Trump’s formal withdrawal from the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) Monday as “very good news” because these kinds of pacts “often favor companies not workers.”

The local union chief added, “However in this particular instance, we are seeing something different and something new and we need to go ahead and give the president his chance to continue down that path.”

Herron hopes Trump continues down that path and renegotiates NAFTA, which he advocated on the campaign trial.

This is a very pleasant surprise and something that we are happy that is occurring,” said the union leader.