Video of roaches in Metro Schools bathroom causes quite a stir

Courtesy: Michele Klein

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A video taken a Nashville middle school is causing quite the stir after it was posted to social media.

It shows tons of roaches inside a stall in a boy’s bathroom at DuPont Tyler Middle School in Hermitage.

Jacob Leech, who recorded the roaches Tuesday, told News 2 the roach problem has been an issue for years at DuPont.

His mother couldn’t believe it and became concerned for the health of the students.

“It’s really disgusting because on high definition you can actually see the feces from the roaches,” Michele Klein told News 2. “I mean, it’s really bad. It’s disgusting. It’s horrible.”

“I got a phone call not that long ago saying it was due to milk being poured on the stall, which I don’t believe is true,” she said.

Jacob said he’s been at the school since fourth grade, and he remembers teachers saying there has been a problem there since at least fifth grade.

“Every now and then you see one in the classroom, you stomp on it, and you throw it away. You see one up on the wall by the cafeteria where you go in to get your food, you stomp on it, you kill it,” he explained.

Metro Schools issued a statement about the roaches on Wednesday, saying the maintenance department went DuPont to investigate, find the source of the problem, and prescribe a solution.

Officials say the school was thoroughly cleaned and has integrated a pest management program.

Spokeswoman Ameerah Palacios with Metro School said, in full:

The health and safety of our students and staff is our first priority and we have taken immediate steps to address pest concerns at DuPont Tyler Middle Prep. Within a few hours of finding out about the video, our maintenance department went to the school to immediately investigate, find the source of the problem and prescribe a solution. While we did not find the same infestation as depicted in the video, we take this issue very seriously. The school has been thoroughly cleaned and has an integrated pest management program. MNPS is also working with the Metro Public Health Department to ensure all necessary preventative measures have been completed.”

Jacob told News 2 he still found roaches after the fact and showed us photos.

His mom says she understands it will take some time to fix the issue, and she hopes the school continues to follow up.